Trek Bikes are the pioneers in cycling innovation and building this into our bikes is what we do best. As such, they are amongst the most advanced bikes on the market at the moment. At Trek, this amazing state of the art technology isn’t for just the professionals: it’s something cyclists the world over can have access to. With meticulous design and a keen eye for detail. Our bikes are developed down to the very finest detail before manufacture, making your cycling experience truly unforgettable.

We quality check every Trek Mountain bike we build to make sure they fit our high standards, as well of those of their riders. We test them to their limit to make sure they really make the grade before we display them in our Trek Bike Shop near Derby.

We test our Trek Mountain bikes thoroughly to assure the optimum ride.

When you’re riding your Trek Bike in unusual terrain, your bike should be as reliable as any other form of transport. We have a Trek Bike specialist who can help you make sure that is the case. Their extensive experience and knowledge in suspension gives you astute advice resulting in your bike meeting its full potential, whilst still being fit for purpose in accordance with your requirements, your experience level, frequency of cycling and what you want from your bike. Ultimately, you’ll leave happy knowing you’ve made a sound investment in yourself and your fitness.

We have been a dedicated family run business for over 25 years

Our bikes are meticulously tested to assure the finest quality

A team of biking experts with a passion for customer service


Pedal Power Derby have a large selection of high end mountain bikes if you’re looking to purchase the mountain bike you’ve always wanted for cross-country or off road cycling. Our bikes are designed with skill and finesse to get you through rough conditions without an issue. We provide a tailored service to our Derby customers’ needs. We have done so for decades, with customers coming away with their perfect Trek Bike. Offering both standard and electric bikes, we have a mixed clientele, not just cross country cyclists.

Chief mechanics for the British Triathlon Team

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