Trek mountain bikes adopt state of the art technology. It’s no surprise that our mountain bikes are amongst the most advanced on the market. At Trek, innovations in technology are available on all bikes in all price ranges. Every model is built to high specification and carefully thought out details making your experience, on or off-road, the best you can get.

We test our Trek Mountain bikes stringently to ensure the best possible ride, whenever you get on the saddle.

When you’re riding your Trek Bike off-road or cross country, your bike fail you is not an option. We test all our products to the highest level, and only the ones that meet our elite criteria find their way to our cycling shop near Melton Mowbray. The team at Pedal Power Melton Mowbray consists of an off-road Trek Bike expert. Their expert knowledge in suspension means we can make informed recommendations for you and offer other products if required, to give you the smoothest ride, regardless as to how much riding experience you may have.

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Pedal Power Melton Mowbray have an all-encompassing expanse of high-quality mountain bikes to choose from if you’re looking to buy the perfectly bespoke new mountain bike. Perfect for off-road terrain cycling, our bikes are constructed with the highest level of knowledge to combat even the most difficult of ground. We can assist you in selecting the perfect mountain bike, regardless of your cycling experience, in just one visit. We’ve been helping Melton Mowbray customers select their perfect Trek mountain bikes for decades, offering both standard and electric bikes. You will always receive the best advice and customer service regarding Trek bikes.

Chief mechanics for the British Triathlon Team

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