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Halo Hot Wax Lubricant Melts 600g Granular Double Boil Bag

600 G
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Revolutionise Your Ride with Finish Line® HALO™ Hot Wax Lubricant Melts

Introducing the HALO™ Hot Wax Lubricant Melts by Finish Line® - redefining chain lubrication since 1988. Embrace a significant leap in bicycle lubrication technology and a quantum improvement in drivetrain performance.

This high-grade lubricant guarantees to enhance your riding experience, whatever the weather conditions. It fights against friction and combats wear and tear caused by abrasive contaminants, extending the life of your drivetrain components. Its high-end water resistance ensures top-tier performance over long relubrication intervals.

The HALO™ Hot Wax Lubricant comes in a unique double boil bag formulation. The reusable bag contains 600g of wax pellets that are designed to be melted in water. This provides enough product for approximately 25 chain dips, ensuring you get your money's worth. Also included is an immersion tool, that facilitates an easy chain dipping process.



  • Exceptional friction reduction
  • Impressive chain cleanliness
  • Superior water resistance
  • Advanced drivetrain efficiency
  • Unparalleled chain and component wear protection
  • Optimum power output under high torque pedalling
  • Extended relubrication intervals
  • Reduction in chain vibration and noise


Incorporating highly refined paraffin, spherical tungsten, and ceramic boron nitride, the HALO™ Hot Wax Lubricant creates a dry-to-touch outer shell on the chain, repelling water while reducing vibration and friction, and significantly extending the life of your drivetrain components.

It's high time to switch to a lubricant that's been tried, tested and proven to excel. Improve your drivetrain's performance, enhance your riding experience and prolong the life of your bike parts. Choose HALO™ Hot Wax Lubricant Melts by Finish Line®. Try it today and make every ride count!

Colours Black
Sizes 600 G
Brand Finish Line
Model Year 2024
Barcodes 36121973862
SKUs / Part Numbers QPFLHB1040101

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