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Halo Wax Wet Lubricant 4oz120ml Bottle Smart Luber Display

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Experience the Power of Advanced Lubrication

Presenting, the Finish Line's HALO Wax and Wet Lubricants, meticulously designed to elevate the performance of your ride and reintroduce you to an unparalleled biking experience. The brainchild of intensive tribology research from the house of Finish Line®, these lubricants minimise drivetrain friction and wear, lending your bike an exceptional longevity on and off the roads.

Be it the HALO™ WAX, the superhero for dry and dirty conditions ensuring maximum chain cleanliness, or the HALO™ WET, your trusted ally for a smooth ride in both dry, clean conditions and muddy tracks - these products quickly redefine the way your bike rides. They guarantee ultra-low friction, superior mileage, and an uncanny resistance to water and rust. Simply apply them using Finish Line’s pioneering Smart Luber® technology and embark on seamless cycling journeys whenever, wherever.

Ready to embrace a low coefficient of friction, maximised chain cleanliness, and significantly improved drivetrain efficiency? Hoping to extend your bike's lifespan with reduced vibration and noise? Look no further! Unleash the power of the HALO lubricants today.

Key Performance Ingredients:

HALO lubricants draw their unmatched prowess from a unique combination of Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) - a hydrodynamic fluid film, Spherical Tungsten that reduces friction, and a protective Ceramic (boron nitride) coating that partners synchronously with Spherical Tungsten to cut down on wear and tear.

The HALO™ WAX also sports a highly refined Paraffin coating that repels water and eliminates possible chain stains with ease.

Important: For best results with the Wet Lube, shake the bottle vigorously and apply to a clean, dry chain. Don't hesitate to apply a second coat for spellbinding effects! In case you are using the Wax Lube, rest your chain for 6-12 hours after application. Remember, your chain's best friend HALO WAX liquid works the best above 10°C temperature.

Colours Black
Sizes 4OZ
Brand Finish Line
Model Year 2024
Barcodes 36121973848
SKUs / Part Numbers QPFLHD2042101

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