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2023 Open End Wrench

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10MM / 11MM
12MM / 13MM
14MM / 15MM
18MM / 19MM
20MM / 22MM
21MM / 23MM
24MM / 26MM
25MM / 28MM
27MM / 32MM
30MM / 34MM
8MM / 9MM
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The Open End Wrench by Unior is an indispensable tool in any bicycle owner's kit. Renowned for their reliability and durability, Unior tools are beautifully designed and manufactured from top-quality materials to the highest standards. Trusted by both professional and amateur cyclists, this Open End Wrench embodies Unior's commitment to excellence.

Constructed for the rigors of daily use in professional bike shops, this Open End Wrench promises a lifetime of robust performance. Unior is known for their quality control over the manufacturing process, achieving absolute precision by making the tools that make the tools. This ensures you get a reliable and efficient tool that maintains its optimal performance over time.

Unior's century-long experience in crafting tools is evident in this Open End Wrench. Its sleek design, matched with unwavering functionality, offers the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. It's not just a tool, it's a testament to Unior's expertise and commitment to providing the best for their customers.

Made in Europe, the Open End Wrench stands on the shoulders of Unior's firm control over the specifications and quality of their raw materials. This means you can count on this wrench to perform at its peak, right out of the box and well into the future.

Choose the Open End Wrench by Unior, and experience the exceptional quality and performance that professional cyclists trust.

Colours SILVER
Sizes 10MM / 11MM, 12MM / 13MM, 14MM / 15MM, 18MM / 19MM, 20MM / 22MM, 21MM / 23MM, 24MM / 26MM, 25MM / 28MM, 27MM / 32MM, 30MM / 34MM, 8MM / 9MM
Brand Unior
Barcodes 3838909000640, 3838909000688, 3838909000749, 3838909000794, 3838909000855, 3838909000886, 3838909000893, 3838909000923, 3838909000954, 3838909000985, 3838909038483, 601842745977, 601842745984, 601842745991, 601842746004, 601842746011, 601842746028, 601842746356, 601842853863, 601842853870, 601842853887, 601842853894
SKUs / Part Numbers 5272208, 5272209, 5272210, 5272211, 5272212, 5272213, 5272214, 5288478, 5288479, 5288480, 5288481

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